Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Susan Boyle Cry Me A River Video

Like everyone else who watched 47 year old Susan Boyle's performance on Britain's Got Talent, I was totally knocked off my socks! Her rendition of Les Miserables' I Dreamed A Dream received a standing ovation from the audience as well as the judges.

What makes Susan Boyle an instant overnight success was the fact that she was not the typical "package" that reality TV shows like "American Idol" looks for. In fact, the world have labelled her as an "ugly" woman with an impeccable voice. When I watched the video, I was actually horrified that the audience as well as judge Simon Cowell snickered and rolled their eyes at her. But what a surprise it was to all those who were quick to judge!

This is definitely a wake up call for us all! Susan Boyle represented those who were overlooked, missed their calling, had talent that never got appreciated, had a life without opportunities - a true inspiration to all of us.

I could not embed her performance of "I Dreamed A Dream" but I hope you'll enjoy her rendition of "Cry Me A River" just as much.


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